Political Diploma Course for businessmen

Political Diploma Course for businessmen

Escuela de Gobierno carried out the course for businessmen on public management and the functioning of the State. 

Escuela de Gobierno, aware of its commitment to the Guatemalan business community, held the “Political Diploma for Businessmen” during the month of July 2019. It was a program aimed at businessmen, trade union executives and business chambers interested in learning more about the dynamics of Guatemalan politics.     

During its four sessions, the 15 participating entrepreneurs had access to analytical tools for policy decision-making, scenario analysis, policy mapping and policy strategy. A module on the functioning of state institutions, political parties and legislative processes was also included.

Phillip Chicola, a professor at Escuela de Gobierno said that “the program seeks to be a space not only to strengthen the political knowledge of owners and top executives of Guatemalan companies, but also to propose a joint route that seeks the development of the country.”

Lecturers and participants shared their experience and knowledge on how companies can support trasncendental decisions that could have far-reaching effects on the country and the role citizens must play in building a strong and vibrant democracy.

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