About Us


Escuela de Gobierno is a private, non-profit and non-partisan educational organization that began in 2013 with the purpose of training people committed to Guatemala's transformation and its politics through effective, democratic and transparent leadership.

Mission and Vision

To transform the way governance and politics are practiced in Guatemala.

To be the institution responsible for educating a new citizen elite capable of reinventing politics and revaluing civil service, in accordance with the principles and values of a representative and republican democracy that is respectful of the principles of freedom, justice and property, within a framework of academic excellence and coherent with a long-term vision for the country.

Message from the Director

In the short amount of time since its founding, Escuela de Gobierno has become the national and regional benchmark graduate program in matters pertaining to public administration, social, economic and political transformation, public policy and leadership.

At Escuela de Gobierno we are committed to academic excellence, the ethical training and professionalism of our graduates. We are convinced of the importance of our involvement is in order to transform Guatemala, improve its governance and to give greater solidity to its State.

Escuela de Gobierno is an institution committed to building a citizenry aware of our economic, social and political realities and the challenges transforming them represents. In our short history we are already characterized by the high academic and professional level of our teachers, the commitment and dedication of our student body, the rigorous and novel approach of our courses and the open climate of discussion and debate within our classrooms.

In addition, we are an institution that serves as a meeting point for all kinds of ideas and streams of thought. We encourage dialogue, debate, the discovery of new ideas, public policy proposals and reform initiatives for Guatemala.

Our faculty and our students, come from, and develop professionally in the political sphere, public service, academy, media, civil society organizations, international cooperation, trade unions, private companies and consulting. If you are an enthusiastic, talented, honorable and committed person who believes Guatemala can change, Escuela de Gobierno welcomes you.