Claudia Villagrán

Claudia Villagrán

    She was a founding member of the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding in Guatemala -INTRAPAZ- of Rafael Landívar University, with which she collaborated until 2005.

    She represented civil society before the National Commission on Peace Accords and coordinated the Dialogue Table for Rural Development before joining the cabinet of the 2004-2008 government administration as Sub-Secretary for Conflict Transformation of the Secretariat of Agrarian Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic.

    Since 2008, she has been part of a team of specialists in rural development and conflict negotiation with whom she founded CEDER, a center specialized in dealing with agrarian and socio-environmental conflicts, where she serves as General Coordinator.

    Throughout her career she has been chief negotiator and advisor in more than a hundred conflicts. She is an independent analyst and has appeared on several radio and television programs. She has published specialized research and studies on conflict in Guatemala and books in her area of expertise.


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