Raúl Bolaños

Raúl Bolaños

    He graduated as a sociologist from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala and holds a master's degree in Political Science with a minor in Latin American Studies from the University of Salamanca. He received a fellowship from the Carolina Foundation and the Regional Agency for Immigration and Cooperation of Madrid to carry out studies on research in Social Sciences, methods of socio-political analysis, gender equality, political action, strengthening of institutions and citizen participation. He works as a senior specialist in Civil Society for public policy and transparency issues. In the public sector he has worked in the processes of public policy formulation, as well as planning and international cooperation at the Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency. He served as an expert for the Guatemalan "National Plan" and for the compliance reports regarding the Millennium Development Goals.

    As a consultant he worked for Counterpart International, the World Federation of United Nations Associations and for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

    He has taught master's classes for Rafael Landívar University and San Carlos University. He currently teaches at Escuela de Gobierno.


    • National Development Plan K’atun: Our Guatemala 2032. Guatemala: Conadur/Segeplán. Member of the Technical Team.
    • Executive report on results Survey from the OECD in Guatemala 2008-2012. Coordinator and member of managing team.
    • “First National Report on International Cooperation for Development and Aid Effectiveness in Guatemala 2008-2010”. Segeplan, Guatemala. Coordinator and member of managing team.
    • "Third Progress Report on the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Goal 8: Foster a Global Partnership for Development", 2010. Segeplan, 2010. Expert.
    • Final report on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Guatemala, Segeplan, Guatemala. Technical support.